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NantKwest to Present at Upcoming Investor Conferences

CULVER CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 6, 2017-- NantKwest (Nasdaq:NK) today announced that members of the company’s management team will be presenting at the following upcoming investor conferences:

  • Cowen & Company’s 37th Annual Healthcare Conference on Wednesday, March 8th, at 9:20am ET in Boston, MA
  • 29th Annual Roth Conference on Monday, March 13th, at 12:00pm ET in Dana Point, CA
  • Barclays Global Healthcare Conference on Thursday, March 16th, at 8:00am ET in Miami, FL
  • Jefferies Immuno-Oncology Summit on Thursday, March 30th, at 11:45am ET in Boston, MA

A live, listen-only webcast of the NantKwest presentation can be accessed by visiting the investors section of the company’s website. An audio replay of the presentation will be available shortly after the conclusion of the presentation and will be archived on the company’s website for 30 days.

About NantKwest Inc.

NantKwest (Nasdaq:NK) is a pioneering, next-generation, clinical-stage immunotherapy company focused on harnessing the unique power of our immune system using natural killer (NK) cells to treat cancer, infectious diseases and inflammatory diseases. NK cells are the body’s first line of defense due to the innate ability of NK cells to rapidly identify and destroy cells under stress, such as cancer or virally-infected cells.

NantKwest’s unique NK cell-based platform, with the capacity to grow active killer cells as a biological cancer therapy, has been designed to induce cell death against cancer or infected cells by three different modes of action: (1) Direct killing using activated NK cells (aNK) that release toxic granules directly into the cell through cell to cell contact; (2) Antibody-mediated killing using haNKs, which are NK cells engineered to incorporate a high affinity receptor that binds to an administered antibody, enhancing the cancer cell killing effect of that antibody; and (3) Targeted activated killing using taNKs, which are NK cells engineered to incorporate chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) to target tumor-specific antigens found on the surface of cancer cells.

Our aNK, haNK and taNK platform addresses certain limitations of T cell therapies including the reduction of risk of serious “cytokine storms” reported after T cell therapy. As an “off-the-shelf” therapy, NantKwest’s NK cells do not rely on a patient’s own often compromised immune system. In Phase 1 clinical trials in patients with late stage cancer, NantKwest’s NK cells have been successfully administered as an outpatient infusion therapy without any reported severe side effects, even at doses of 10 billion cells.

By leveraging an integrated and extensive genomics and transcriptomics discovery and development engine, together with a pipeline of multiple, clinical-stage, immuno-oncology programs that include a Phase 2 trial for a rare form of melanoma and the planned initiation of a clinical trial of NK cells targeted to breast cancer, we believe NantKwest is uniquely positioned to be the premier immunotherapy company and transform medicine by delivering living drugs in a bag and bringing novel NK cell-based therapies to routine clinical care. For more information please visit

Source: NantKwest

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